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Winniberg (née Curnow), Jane Tregarthen

Updated October 23, 2014

Jane Tregarthen Winniberg (née Curnow), milliner, was recorded as a resident of Hong Kong from 1850  to 1866.

Selected Bibliography: Hong Kong's First [online].

Winniberg (née Curnow), Jane Tregarthen


Jane Curnow, wife of Henry Winniberg, the Polish owner of the British Hotel (one other source referred the hotel as the "Winniberg Hotel"), was the first milliner in Hong Kong. Jane (b.1826, St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly, Cornwall, England – d. after 1891) was the daughter of merchant navy captain William Curnow and wife Hannah Scadden. After Henry Winniberg died in Hong Kong in 1866, Jane returned to England and there she lived on rental income generated from the Polmennar Cottages (probably a hotel) she owned in St. Mary's while her son Frederick (b.1859, Hong Kong – d. ) attended a boarding school in Penzance, Cornwall. Jane's daughter, Annie (b.1852, Hong Kong – d.), remained in Hong Kong at lease until 1871. The Cornwall Census in 1891 listed Frederick as a resident of Penzance, along with wife Annie and sons, Frederick and Henry Joseph.

Selected bibliography: Cornwall Census 1871, 1891. Lim, Patricia, Forgotten Souls: A Social History of the Hong Kong Cemetery, Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press. [online].


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