Monday, September 8, 2014

Names of Places

Updated October 2, 2014

This is a collection of names of places existing in Hong Kong from 1841 to 1850. Many of them remain in use today, some have long been replaced, and several few are those I've never heard of until now.

Caine Road
Canton Bazaar
Captain's Morgan's BazaarVariant names: Jardine's Bazaar.
Chek Chu 赤柱Later Stanley. A population of 1,000 (or 2,000) was recorded in 1841; and 3,000 in 1842.
Cheung Chau 長洲
Chinam's Row
Cochrane Street 閣麟街
D'Aguilar Street 德忌笠街Later 德己立街.
Duus' Row
East PointLater Causeway Bay.
Elliot's Vale 義律谷Later Glenealy.
Gough Street 歌賦街
Government Hill
Graham Street 嘉咸街
Herjeebhoy Hill
Heung KongVariant names: Hong Kong, Little Hong Kong, later Aberdeen. A population of 200 to 300 was recorded in 1841.
Hollywood Road 荷李活道Variant Names: Chinese, 荷里活道
Hung Heung SooA population of 100 to 120 was recorded in 1841.
Kap Shui Mun
Lower Bazaar
Lyndhurst Terrace
Macqueen's Row
Magistracy Street
Oswald's Terrace
Ouchterlony Row
Pottinger Street
Queen's RoadInitially known as the Victoria Avenue. There were three sections, viz. Queen's Road Proper; Queen's Road East; and Queen's Road West
Queen's Town
ShaukeiwanA population of 1,200 was recorded in 1841.
Shek Pai Wan
Shelley Street 些利街
Spring Gardens
Stanley Street
Su-kun-puVariant names: Sookunpo.
Tai-shek-ha 大石下also known as Tyshegar; later Belcher Bay. A hamlet located in present day Kennedy Town. It was a quarry
Ty-tam 大潭Later Tai Tam. A population of 70 to 100 was recorded in 1841.
Ty-tam-took 大潭篤Later Tai Tam Tuk.
Upper Bazaar
Webster's Alley
Wellington Street
White's Range
Wong Nai ChongVariant names: Wong Nai Chung. A population of 400 was recorded in 1841.
Wyndham Street

Selected Bibliography: Tarrent, William, The Hong Kong Almanack and Directory for the Year 1846, 1848, 1850, Hong Kong: China Mail, resp. 1846,1848 and 1850.


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