Friday, October 17, 2014

Langer, F.

Updated October 18, 2014

F. Langer, architect, was recorded as a resident of Hong Kong in 1842.

Langer, according to information published by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects,was the first architect to have worked in Hong Kong. He came from Calcutta in 1842 to work for Jardine, Matheson & Co. to build their godowns at East Point (present day Causeway Bay). He died on October 30, 1842, about two months after he arrived in Hong Kong. I cannot find Langer's name in the list of passengers departed from Calcutta in the Bengal and Agra annual guide and gazetteer for 1841. There were two entries under the name of F. Langer. The first, F. Langer – carver and gilder and ornamental painter, whose address was at 63, Cossitollah, Calcutta. The second, Mrs. F. Langer gave birth to a daughter on April 15. The gazetteer for 1842 is not available to me. So, was Langer an architect or a gilder?

There was one Augustus Frederick Langer, aged 20 years, who died in Hong Kong in 1849. It is unknown if the two Langers were related.

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