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Walkinshaw, William

Updated October 8, 2014

[I might have combined several W. Walkinshaw(s) existing in Hong Kong and China around the same time into one character. I'll fix this when I have time. 10/8/2014]

William Walkinshaw was listed as a resident of Hong Kong from 1848 to 1882. He was the founder and proprietor of the shipping firm, Walkinshaw & Co. He was elected Vice-Chairman of the inaugural committee of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in 1861, by then he was associated with the mercantile firm, Turner & Co., as well as the Hong Kong & Canton Steam Packet Co. He was appointed to the Committee of the International Exhibition, London, 1862[1] on June 17, 1861. He was in 1882 associated with the firm, Walkinshaw, Glttons, and Loxley.

Walkinshaw probably went to China as early as 1836. He was the Belgian Consul in Canton in 1853.

Walkinshaw had two son, Constantine Walkinshaw [another source refers him to as the son of James Walkinshaw, and who died in Hong Kong on August 10, 1872. James Walkinshaw was a resident of Canton, or Hong Kong, or both.], and Frank Walkinshaw, who was born in Hong Kong in 1861 [tbc].

[1] Also known as the Crystal Palace Exhibition. The Committee was made up of Dr. John Ivor Murray 孖厘, J.J. Mackenzie, J.D. Gibb, William Walkinshaw and Dr. W. Kane.

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