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Chan Tai-kwong

Updated August 10, 2014

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Selected Bibliography: Tarrent, William, The Hong Kong Almanack and Directory for the Year 1846, 1848, 1850, Hong Kong: China Mail, resp. 1846,1848 and 1850.


wingstonchan said...

Chan Tai Kwong was educated in England in 1840s at
Buckingham College and returned to HKG with the first Bishop of Victoria in 1850. Together with his
wife, they taught in St Paul's college in the early days. He was front man of Wo Hing Hong of the Lee Sing family and they used his connection with William Bridges (
CTK was a Freemason, probaby when he was in England, so was Bridges). The Opium monopoly was granted to Wo Hing Hong where he is a small partner and a front man.) He lost all his savings but instead gained a bad name for himself despite opium was a legal commodity as well as the British double standard as the Church was NOT able to use him they way they wanted. Historians, like Carl Smith etc. dont have much kind words for him, and they dont have Chan Tai Kwong's life history right.
but if you really research his life, Chan Tai Kwong actually have a very honorable life story
as he worked in HKG court of judicary for 15 years for the good of the Chinese, and died in office in 1882.
There are quite a few FIRSTs for him in the history of Hong Kong.

Rudi Butt said...

Thank you wingstonchan. I've put together bits and pieces of what I know about Mr. Chan Tai-kwong in my other blog: Hong Kong's First. Take a look when you have the opportunity. Have a very happy New Year.

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